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What is Menopause?

What is menopauseMenopause is the stage of life that marks the end of a woman’s fertility. Many people refer to perimenopause, or the years leading up to menopause, as menopause. That is often because this is the period in which many women begin noticing symptoms and experiencing obvious changes. However, menopause does not actually occur until a woman has gone one year without a menstrual cycle.

The ovaries contain a certain number of eggs at birth. When a female reaches sexual maturity, the ovaries produce progesterone and estrogen to regulate ovulation, or the release of eggs. If an egg is not fertilized, it is shed along with the lining of the uterus during menstruation. When the ovaries stop releasing eggs, menstruation also ceases.

The symptoms of menopause or perimenopause can begin as early as a woman’s late 30s. The average age for menopause in the United States is 51. Symptoms can vary widely and include irregular periods, breast tenderness, skin problems and menopause depression. Once the menstrual cycles have ceased, symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats often decrease or even stop altogether. However, the health risks that are associated continue. Post-menopausal women are often at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis and heart disease.

Menopause can be the beginning of a new phase of life, but it can be a difficult transition for many women. DON’T PAUSE has been designed to ease the transition by combatting the uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms and by addressing the numerous increased health risks that are associated with menopause.

The proprietary blend of herbal and natural ingredients supports healthy aging, promotes balanced hormones and allows women to get back to doing all the things they love. Contact us today to learn more or to place your order.

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